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Zengen was created with the goal of helping people and businesses interact more easily and efficiently.
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Who we are

We at Zengen believe there is a better way to vacation. Through technology integration and automation, Zengen streamlines “business to business” and “business to customer” encounters helping to drive customer adoption, satisfaction, and loyalty.

We provide innovative services that help both the vacation rental management companies and the vendors that serve the vacation rental industry. We bridge the technological gap that can sometimes exist between large, more advanced management companies and the local, one-of-kind vendors.

Zengen exists to bring a little Zen into the world one encounter at a time.

What we do

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Stand Out

Make your company and the homes you manage stand out. Rocket ahead of the competition by partnering with an innovative and forward thinking company.

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Provide Value

Provide value to your homeowners, the guests, and to your bottom line. Attract your ideal guest and homeowners to your business. Ultimately, everyone is happy!

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Easy Integration

Easily integrate our software with your system. There is no extra work required on your part, and your customers will love how easy it is to enhance their vacation!

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Increase Reservations

Increase repeat guest bookings by offering products and services that exceed what your guests expected. Guests will be thrilled to re-book through your company.

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Curate Your Products

We curate your products in vacation packages for the guests of our VRM partners.

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Integrate with VRM's Software

We provide local vendors with unique guest access owing to our integration with the vacation rental management (VRM) software.

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Email Marketing

We have direct email marketing access to the guests and the ability to target emails based on previous guest activity.

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Book Your Products

We begin to book your products when the guest reserves their home. We continue to market your products through the week of their vacation.


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