What does Zengen do for the Vendors?

We increase your revenue and drive guests to spend money with our partner vendors!

Here’s how it works...
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Provide Direct Access

We provide unique integration with local vacation rental management software giving you direct access to Outer Banks guests.

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Create Vacation Packages

We include your products as part of complete vacation packages. Guests can schedule exclusive OBX experiences while they're in vacation planning mode.

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Drive Guests to You

We drive guests to spend money with our partner vendors first. Outer Banks vacationers can include your business's offer in their vacation package months before their reservation starts.

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Customer Management

We provides customer management. We will handle customer communication prior to sale.

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Seamlessly Integrate

We integrate with your existing workflow. We have a user friendly vendor portal, and can in many cases directly integrate with your software.

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Increase Customer Base

Thousands of guests receive our personalized emails, creating unique potential for you to increase customer base and increase your cash flow.

We are here to support you and help you get more customers.

We are a local vendor PARTNER! Our local staff is familiar with our market, vendors and guests.

What’s in it for you?

You have total control

The vendors have total control over the order volume. We throttle your availability based on your capacity.

Lowest booking cost

Partner vendors can select their cost, and be as low as 12.5%.

You pay nothing upfront

The vendors pay nothing unless Zengen converts the sale. We will only receive a fee if we make you money.


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