What does Zengen do for the Vacation Rental Managers?

We improve your guest's experience and help increase your bottom line!

Here’s how it works...
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Select your products

You can select the products and services you think your guests would enjoy. Choose from a variety of local vendors, all sure to add value to your guests rental experience.

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Guests place order

Zengen provides your guests an easy-to-use interface to select the products and services they would like to enjoy on their vacation. The guests can modify their selections from the time they book a reservation right up until the time they arrive.

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Vendors fulfill the order

Zengen integrates a  large variety of quality partner vendors to timely supply your guests the products and services they requested for their vacation.

What’s in it for the VRM?

Vacation rental management companies receive tremendous value for every home in their inventory and even more value for homes that they elect to place in the gear credit program. That is value that goes straight to the bottom line!

It is possible to add well over $1000 to your bottom line for each home in your inventory.

We seamlessly integrate your rental homes with a large variety of the best local vendors.

Let’s work together!

We offer two different opportunities for partnership programs.
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1. Gear Credit Program

Vendors provide your guests free products and services when they vacation with you.

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2. Discount Program

Vendors provide your guests a percentage discount when they reserve vendor products while vacationing with you.

We also provide a Zengen VRM portal to easily manage and track all of your activity.


Let’s get in touch and work together.

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